USA-blog - juli 2007

USA-blog - juli 2007

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Anna 2 years old

BIRTHDAYS/HOLIDAYSPosted by AnnaGreta Friday, July 27 2007 11:40:38

On sunday the 29 0f july is it Annas second birthday. We say Happy birthday to her. Blog ImageJenny told me that Joe has birthday this month so "Happy Birthday Joe".smiley

I hope you have nicer weather in US. We have lot of rain in Swe.More photos of the girls are coming sooner.

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Jenny and Micke got a girl

FAMILYPosted by AnnaGreta Sunday, July 01 2007 11:38:28
Another little girl was born tonight. Everything went good and soon we are going to see them. We wish them luck! /Grandmother AGE

Blog ImageBlog ImageBlog Image

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thanks från Bo

FAMILYPosted by AnnaGreta Thursday, June 28 2007 10:45:58

I got a thank you for remember my birthday card made hy himself. I put it here so all can see it. It is ok said Bo

Follow the linksmiley

More of Bos wunderful picture can you see on my homepage/Annagreta

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FAMILYPosted by AnnaGreta Monday, June 25 2007 09:29:02

Blog Image

Follow this link too see Freja making syrup.

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AGNES CECILIA 1 years old

FAMILYPosted by AnnaGreta Monday, June 04 2007 17:34:35

Today is little sister Agnes birthday. Time pass bye so fast. We had a party yesterday for her and she got lots of birthday presents. Freja the big sister helped her to open the presents.Blog Image

Daddy helps her with her dress. You have to look nice wyhen it is your birthday.

Blog ImageFreja with her two grandfathers. She had a busy time.

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Freja in new haircut

FAMILYPosted by AnnaGreta Thursday, May 24 2007 22:34:40

Freja in a new haircut and "glitter" in her eyes when she was coming from a children's party. The summer is here and it is so great in the nature.Blog Imagebild 1 bild2

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FAMILYPosted by AnnaGreta Saturday, May 19 2007 09:12:07
Freja likes skatebaord. One day last week I took photos and recorded her and pappa Micke with my handycam . I got some great photos. Blog ImageHere are a few of them.
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Freja and Agnes

FAMILYPosted by AnnaGreta Saturday, May 05 2007 19:29:44

Hello USA I have such a sweet photo of the girls, look.

Blog Image Freja is sick. She has scarlet fever but are much better today. I talk to her this morning. She told me that she had taken her penicillin, She was good doing it.
Agnes has taken her first steps this week, Freja said it was five steps.

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